Ethics Helpline Form

If you haven’t been able to get an answer to your concern or question by reading the Code of Conduct and the relevant policy or you wish to report an actual/potential violation of the CSR program, please contact the HR department, Legal or QHSE or report your matter or concern by using this Ethics Helpline Form below, which can be used anonymously.

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Please take your time and provide as much detail as possible, but exercise care to not provide details that may reveal your identity unless you wish to do so.
It may be important to know if you are the only person aware of this situation.

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  • When contacting the helpline be sure to include facts and specific details to support your allegation, include documents if necessary.
    It is important to describe your allegation with sufficient details by including the names of those involved, details of what happened, and location, this will allow us to adequately address your concern.
  • It is also important you check back regularly in case we have follow-up questions.